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CC-16 Machine
The latest Carbon Cleaning Solution for your engine


How it works



With water as raw material, and using electrolysis to produce hydrogen and oxygen, the mixed gas is cooled and filtered into the engine, fuel, air, and combustion carbon mixed together. The increased internal oxygen proportion, improves combustion, and at the same time the catalytic properties of hydrogen make it possible for combustion carbon to be gradually broken down to clear internal carbon deposits.

The CARBON CLEAN unit runs entirely on water and electricity following the initial set up.

A strong electric current splits the water molecule (H2O) into its component atoms producing highly charged particles of hydrogen and oxygen, or oxyhydrogen (HHO).
The HHO is passed into the engine through the air filter and burnt as the engine runs mixing it with the fuel, air and carbon deposits. As it passes through the injectors, combustion chambers, filters and exhaust system the hydrogen reacts with the carbon producing hydrocarbon gas. This lifts carbon deposits from the engine and ejects them through the exhaust. Using no harsh detergents and taking just half an hour the CC16 returns your engine to a state of cleanliness close to new. You regain power and performance, increase the MPH and radically cut emissions.

The unit takes just a couple of minutes to initially set up for use; following connection to the mains the liquid gas filter is filled with the provided Electrolytic Solution. After this initial set up the unit requires very little maintenance and, once filled, the filter will only require refilling around every 6 months. The unit will now run entirely on water and electricity making it easy and economical to run and great for the environment.


  1. Improved exhausts emissions
  2. Improves engine efficiency
  3. Significantly improved compression
  4. Prolonged engine life
  5. Increase engine performance
  6. Lower oil consumption
  7. Cut emissions
  8. Improve MPG
  9. And More…


Technical parameters


  • Input Power: AC 220V
  • Power: 4kw
  • Gas production: 1800 litres / hour
  • Weight: 115kg
  • Packing size: 570 * 810 * 1140mm



There are 9 modules designed to work independently

  1. There are 9 Individual electrolytic tanks; every single tank controlled by an independent control module this ensures no drop off in performance.
  2. In the unlikely event of an individual electrolysis tank failure, the other gas tanks work as usual; this does not affect the normal use, and fully meets the requirements to complete the service.
  3. Simple maintenance and replacement parts.

Hydrogen gas production according to models and displacement by programme.

  1. Programmable by vehicle’s displacement to clear carbon.
  2. Programmable by vehicle engine’s cylinder numbers to clear carbon.
  3. The machine running time and total supply of hydrogen is automatically controlled by computer system.
  4. The engine and does not produce high-temperatures, making the system stable and reliable!

The patented design of the Charge Activated Machine Shutdown (CAMS) ensures that if the engine stops the machine will automatically stop the gas supply, for failsafe safety and reliability.

  1. If the engine stops during the service, the machine will automatically stop producing gas. This prevents any leakage of hydrogen and avoids any possible safety hazards.

There are no chemical substances (which are a cause of corrosion to the combustion chambers, mechanical surfaces and polymer components) used in the cleaning process.

  1. The machine uses only water electrolysis producing a hydrogen and oxygen gas mixture. All of which is burnt during the process leaving no residue.
  2. No acidic or alkali chemicals. Totally safe for handling and storage.
  3. Complete high temperature hydrogen combustion allows the catalytic breakdown of carbon and physical cleaning.

Stratified combustion and final catalytic combustion breaks down the carbon into very fine particles which discharge through the catalytic converter (TWC) and exhaust system. Avoiding any blockage problems to the exhaust system.

  1. Hydrogen high-temperature combustion causes the carbon to breakdown layer by layer from the outside in, finally it is atomized and combusted.
  2. The unburned carbons will disintegrate into fine powders. When the carbon powders pass through the catalytic converter (TWC) they will combust again, even if there is a catalytic converter (TWC) failure, carbon particles will still be discharged outside the vehicle through the exhaust system.

Carbon deposits do not break up into large pieces which could result in damage to: Pistons, Cylinders, Valves, Seats, and Guides.

  1. Due to the carbon combustion being stratified (layered), carbon will disintegrate into fine powder.
  2. Powdered carbon will not cause internal damage to valves, pistons or cylinders.

Simple operation, place the pipe in the inlet manifold, in any position, to complete the operation easily.

  1. Intelligent design ensures anyone can easily operate the unit by following the interface index.
  2. User friendly connection design means that the units intake system can easily be connected to any vehicle.

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